Jo's Journey

“I have naturally lost 27 kilograms (61 pounds/4.3 stone) by changing what I eat, the amount I eat and through more movement and exercise. Normally I wouldn’t share anything about myself like this, but now I thought it’s about time I started! It has been a real lesson in transforming and I’m so proud of my body and how it’s really loving a lighter me, now able to move through life so much easier. Being in my 40s I was constantly told “Jo, it not easy and it’s impossible to lose weight naturally!”, that was a signal for me to prove them wrong. I hope this course gives you the inspiration, strength and momentum to start on your journey to a creative gorgeous life, losing weight.” - Jo Brothers

  • Start from where ever you are and transform to where you want to be

  • Set a foundation for you to succeed

  • Take control of your mind and body

  • Get inspired and motivated to start

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Jo's Journey

  • Jo Brothers

    Jo Brothers

    In January 2018 Jo embarked on her journey, calling her weight loss project ‘Creative Gorgeous Life’, because losing weight is only part of the process, it’s also a mental process. Jo shares her story and hopes it will help anyone looking for any new ideas and inspiration from someone who was tired and unwell weighing 145 kilograms (319 pounds/22 stone) at the start of her journey and in 9 months Jo has, through diet and exercise, naturally lost 27 kilograms (61 pounds/4.3 stone) and is lighter, healthier, happier and able to move faster!